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I am working on a list of MY favorite movies
(suggestions welcome, but changes to the list are rare ;-):

Click Here for a List of Henry's Top 50 Movies

La Tienda, for Amazing  Foods (Particularly Olives) and Bath Items

Save Internet Radio!

Check out my internet music station
(Warning: Extremely Eclectic)

To listen to my (or most other) internet streaming station, you need a software program/application that plays .mp3 music files, .pls (.mp3 playlist) files, and streaming. If you have iTunes on a Mac, Winamp or a recent version of Windoze Media Player on a Windoze computer, XMMS, MPG123, etc. MP3 Players for Linux/Unix or X Windows users (http://www.uk6x.com/applicationservices/mp3radio.html), or RealPlayer on Mac, Windoze or Linux, all you have to do is click on the "External Player" link after clicking on "Click to Listen" and then following the setup screens (they are harmless, btw), assuming that you have a faster connection than "dial-up" and have made your program of choice for .pls files.

I'm currently recommending xmplay for playing music on Windoze 'puters, because it is really such a great sounding, small player. Oh, yeah: and it's free. If you download it, all you have to do is unzip the files that the downloaded .zip file contains to a folder and run the "xmplay.exe" program. http://www.un4seen.com/download.cgi?xmplay32

For what it's worth, I don't have anything to do with any of the people who put out any of the above-mentioned software, and so I am not responsible in any way for anything.

If you have a computer that's got a little extra power and internet bandwidth, and is UP/ON (almost) 24x7, it would be great if you'd let me talk you through setting it up as a relay server for my station :-).  It takes just about no disk space and not very much processor utilization.

 Henry's Email

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